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Meet Coach Guimma

Hey, I am Coach Guilherme Almeida, people call me Guimma. I'll teach you my best Muay Thai for MMA techniques to take your fitness to the next level. Your willing to change must have brought you here, so welcome to my life!

I am an experienced Muay Thai coach based in Los Angeles - CA who worked with World Champions in the biggest championships as UFC, Bellator, K-1 among others around the world.

I dedicated my life to the sport, starting at age 12 as a student at Chute Boxe in Brazil (one of the most famous Martial Arts school responsible for launching big names in the MMA industry such as Cris Cyborg, Wanderley Silva and Fabricio Werdum).


After I became a Black Belt I decided to challenge myself as a professional fighter and this decision brought me to Mike's Gym in Netherlands, one of the top kickboxing academy led by Michael Passenier where I could improve my game and had the opportunity to train with incredible fighters as Badr Hari and Giga Chikadze.

The professional fights in my card brought me experience inside the ring, which is the most valuable to me because it's beyond physical combat, it's a mental fight where your biggest opponent is yourself. That's when I understood the changes that Martial Arts can do in real life and I stepped in help other people as a trainer.


With almost 20 years training pro and amateur fighters, also people from several careers such as CEOs, entrepreneurs, military, lawyers, fashion business and actors, I can show you how Muay Thai has the power to improve skills in every single area of your life.

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